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Renewable Energy 2016 Global Status Report analysis

This week, REN21 released its annual global report of the state of renewable energy. An analysis by Jennifer Johnson was published on Energy Digital’s webpage, listing 5 important insights to be learned from the report, which can be accessed here. 1. Renewables now

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Outlook of the growing wind energy sector in Brazil

Wind has turned into a strategic energy source for Brazil. The 2014 wind energy global ranking showed Brazil in the fourth position. The Brazilian Energy Balance, published by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in September 2015, says the production

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Statkraft becomes major shareholder of Desenvix

Statkraft has completed the acquisition of all Jackson Group’s shares in Desenvix, which owns and operates hydro plants and wind farms in Brazil. With the completion of the transaction, the Norwegian company becomes the project’s major shareholder with 81.31%. Funcef,

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Energy auction will contract wind power and biomass

An energy auction for alternative sources is scheduled for April 27th and will coincide with the end of the sugar cane crop. In addition to cane marc, the auction aims to hire wind power, solid waste power and other types of biomass.

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