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Renewable Energy 2016 Global Status Report analysis

This week, REN21 released its annual global report of the state of renewable energy. An analysis by Jennifer Johnson was published on Energy Digital’s webpage, listing 5 important insights to be learned from the report, which can be accessed here. 1. Renewables now

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GCE NODE presents program for OTC 2016

GCE NODE has developed a strong program for OTC 2016, including seminars, workshops and networking opportunities for county, municipality and business representatives from Agder. The program will also include a stand together with Future Production, Telenor Maritime, University of Agder, Teknova and Iris

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Petrobras steps up divestment plan

Brazil’s national oil company Petrobras will enter into a 30-day exclusive negotiation period with Argentine firm Pampa Energía for the sale of the former’s 67% stake in subsidiary Petrobras Argentina. The board of Petrobras approved the talks, which can be extended

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Outlook of Brazil’s nuclear energy industry

Following the global trend, Brazilians are consuming more electricity. Per capita electricity consumption in Brazil has grown strongly from under 1500 kWh/yr in 1990 to nearly 2700 kWh/yr in 2011. The South American country is largely dependent on hydropower. In February

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Outlook of the growing wind energy sector in Brazil

Wind has turned into a strategic energy source for Brazil. The 2014 wind energy global ranking showed Brazil in the fourth position. The Brazilian Energy Balance, published by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in September 2015, says the production

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Operação Lava Jato update – Timeline

2014/03/15: Federal Police starts the Carwash Operation in six states and in the Federal District. Seventeen people are arrested, including Alberto Youssef. 2014/03/20: Petrobras’ director of supply, Paulo Roberto Costa, is arrested. 2014/04/11: Federal Police searches Petrobras’ head office for

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Operação Lava Jato update – Petrobras aims to restructure Sete Brasil

Sete Brasil, which is responsible for contracting the platforms that will be used to explore the giant pre-salt reserves offshore Brazil, is waiting for financing from public banks to pay the shipyards involved in the project. And the yards are depending on those

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