2015 Edition

Program 2015 November Conference

Click here to see the agenda of the 3rd November Conference.

List of attendees

Download the list of attendees here

Presentations from 2015

November 23rd – Institutional Session

01 Kjetil Solbraekke – Rystad Energy

02 Siri Friedemann – Research Council

03 Siri Friedemann – Cooperation between Brazil and Norway

04 Rodrigo Bacellar – BNDES

05 Morten Dæhlen – University of Oslo

06 Luiz Melo – PUC

November 23rd – Industrial Session

07- Senira Kattah – PGS

08 Rafael Rabuske – CONCREMAT

November 24th – Parallel Session

Some of the presentations from the parallel sessions have not yet been published.

1. Flow assurance/Multi-phase flow

04 Vinicius Girardi – ESSS

2. Exploration – basin analysis and restoration

02 Martin Tygel – UNICAMP

06 Bjørn Ursin – UFBA

07 Riske Huismans – University of Bergen


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