2014 Edition

Program 2014 November Conference

Click here to see the agenda of the 2nd November Conference.


Presentations from 2014

November 03rd – Plenum Session

01-Kjetil -SINTEF_November conference-2014

03-Arne Holhjem _Brasil Norway Conference, Rio nov 3, 2014

04-Siri Friedemann Br-No sent

06-Seminario Cooperacao Brasil Noruega nov 2014

08-Statoil_Fabiano Lobato

09-Fontoura_almoço01_ Innovation Norway – Brazil 2014

10-Apresentacao Statoil 03112014

12-USP 2014Nov

13-UNICAMP Norway-Brasil Collaboration_Nov 2014

14-Research-Overview-UFES-2014 – Oil and Gas – Neyval


16-NTNU_sinos_2014Lippe X

19-IRIS- November Conference Rio 2014


Siri Friedemann Br-No sent

Arne Holhjem _Brasil Norway Conference, Rio nov 3, 2014

SINTEF_November conference-2014_ Kjetil

November 04th – Parallel Sessions


01-2014-11-03 Telemed Decision Support On the Go

02-CNPq Norway




Subsea Technologies

02-141104 – RSB Flow Technology Overview

141104 – RSB Flow Technology Overview

ASCOM_SulzerNov conference rev2

FMC SSProcessing and FA


Lifetime extension ReNoBra

Management of Ageing and Life Extension

ReNoBra 2014 Tech session 1

Workflow for lifetime extension

Marine Environmental Technology

November Conference_final_Paulo Henrique Van der Ven

IO Technology

2014-11-04 Labs Integration Example

CTBS_Implementation_2014- Ingles-v3

Phase III Industry presentation



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