Innovation Norway – Rio de Janeiro

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. As the Norwegian official trade representative abroad, Innovation Norway is represented in more than 30 countries worldwide and in all Norwegian counties. Our head office is in Oslo.


The organization supports companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. Norwegian enterprises have access to a broad business support system as well as financial means. Innovation Norway provides competence, advisory services, promotional services and network services, and the marketing and promotion of Norway as a tourist destination is also considered one of the organizations important tasks. Innovation Norway contributes to building competitive Norwegian enterprises at both domestic and international markets and promoting interaction between enterprises, knowledge communities and R&D institutions. We are closely affiliated with the Norwegian embassies, consulates and other Norwegian institutions. You can find our representatives and advisors worldwide.

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Gateway to the Brazilian market

Brazil has been a key trade partner for Norway for a long time, with ties established since the days when coffee was exchanged for codfish in the 19th century. Today Brazil is the world’s eighth largest economy and one of the main markets for Norwegian business. This continental country is also the largest offshore and oil & gas market for Norway, which leads to the fact that Norway is the fifth largest foreign investor in Brazil. The Norwegian investments in Brazil are accounted for USD 20,1 billion until 2011, having 77% of the total invested between 2009 and 2011.

More than a hundred Norwegian companies are operating in Brazil, most of them in the oil & gas business, which corresponds to 64% of the total investments. Therefore, there is a vivid Norwegian community living and working in Rio de Janeiro, where Innovation Norway’s Brazil office is located.

By assisting Norwegian businesses in their internationalization phase, Innovation Norway is able to reduce the risk involved in going to a foreign market. We combine local competence and international networks. The organization’s priority sectors are tourism, marine, agriculture, maritime, oil & gas, health and energy & environment.

The local team working in Innovation Norway consists of twelve people, whereof two are Norwegian diplomats. The main activities in the office include market researches, partner searches, establishment of companies, networking activities and promoting the Norwegian industry locally.

Innovation Norway has been involved in the formalization and signature of some memorandums of understanding between key organizations for Brazil and Norway, such as BG Group and Petrobras. Furthermore, Innovation Norway can, for instance, be a door opener for Norwegian companies willing to establish R&D cooperation with local players, such as BG Group in Brazil.

Innovation Norway in Rio de Janeiro has a strong focus on oil & gas and maritime, and the scope of work includes renewable energy, clean technologies, ICT, robotics, aquaculture and seafood. Additionally, a potential for travel & tourism activities was identified in 2013, as the number of Brazilian tourists going to Norway increases every year.

Business incubator office

An important task by the office in Rio de Janeiro is to operate its business incubator, which is a soft-landing solution for small Norwegian companies that are still building competitiveness and would struggle to succeed alone in such a complex market. Norwegian companies have prompt access to an office space – either a standard office, or a work station – an address, a meeting room, a telephone line and access to a broad network. Companies still considering an establishment strategy have the option of renting a flex office, which can be used for up to six weeks yearly and offers access to all services and facilities.

The Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro and INTSOK, as well as CSR projects Dream Learn Work and Karanba, are based in our incubator office too. Cooperation between partners is key to Team Norway.

Team Norway in Brazil

Innovation Norway works in close cooperation with Team Norway, formed by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brasília, the Norwegian Seafood Council, INTSOK, ABRAN, Eksportkreditt, the Research Council of Norway and the chambers of commerce NBCC and BNCC.

The Norwegian Government comprehends that combining forces is the best way for Norway to succeed in foreign markets, so all public institutions and organizations are encouraged to cooperate and join forces.

Rio Oil & Gas 2016

Another very important project for Innovation Norway is the organization of the Norwegian Pavilion at Rio Oil & Gas Exhibition. In 2014, twenty-six Norwegian companies were part of the pavilion, which was opened by Mr. Per Rune Henriksen, the Norwegian Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy at that moment.

Companies can contact Innovation Norway in order to obtain information about Rio Oil & Gas 2016.

Press Trips to Norway

Innovation Norway is involved in the organization of annual press trips to Norway. This project is coordinated between other partners and aims to market Norway as a reference in technology, innovation, fishing, tourism and gastronomy.

Strengthened interest in a long-term cooperation

In Brazil, there is an increasing Norwegian interest in other sectors such as agribusiness, mining and ICT, and Innovation Norway seeks opportunities to work more in those areas.

A continued interest towards Brazil is expected as well as an an increase in travel & tourism activities. Innovation Norway aims to keep strengthening the ways to cooperate with Nordic and Brazilian entities and to reinforce the promotion of Norway and its industry in Brazil.

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6 comments on “Innovation Norway – Rio de Janeiro

    We are part of a group who recently went Norway to study your country. We failed to drop by your office. Can you email me top 12 innovations in different sectors, i.e. defense, disaster management, environment, waste management, energy, education, etc? We were part of the study group from National Defense College of the Philippines taking up Master in National Security Administration.

    Thank you.

    Chris Mandi

  2. Dr Amal rashdan says:

    I am interested to attend the Brazilian Norwegian meeting in nov2015 please email me a detailed schedule of the meeting

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