Maritime Robotics

Maritime Robotics is a leading provider of innovative unmanned solutions for maritime operations in harsh environments. With technology developed in close collaboration with civilian, governmental and military partners, the company delivers technologies and products that are operated unmanned in the air and on the surface, collecting data ranging from air to subsea.

Unmanned vehicles for harsh operations and oil spill monitoring

The OceanEye provides 24/7 maritime aerial surveillance to locate, monitor and respond to oil spills. The weather-proof, helium-filled balloon carries a triple-sensor unit capable of producing high resolution day and night imagery and geo-location coordinates with embedded AIS receiver. The OceanEye is tethered to an OSRV and the sensor unit locates the oil spill and transmits data wirelessly to the base unit.

Moreover, Maritime Robotics manufactures USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) systems, that eliminate risk and save costs for maritime data aquisition in the surface zone. There are applications for USV systems in nearly any application where boats are being used today, but the best potential identified at the moment is within military/govermental applications as well as within geophysical exploration and environmental monitoring. Data acquisition can be conducted automatically in a 24/7 operational time-frame.

The USV can be equipped with a variety of surface and sub-surface sensors/payload types such as: EO/IR camera, radars, oceanographic instruments, hydroacoustic positioning systems, echo sounders (single and multibeam) and sonar systems etc. The sub-surface sensors can be mounted through a 300mm moon-pool in the mid area of the craft, and an elevator mechanism for sinking and lowering the sensor under the hull can also be installed.

The OceanEye provides maritime aerial surveillance to locate, monitor and respond to oil spills

Contact information:

Managing Director – Vegard Hovstein

Phone: +47 73 40 19 00



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