Karanba is a social project outside Rio de Janeiro involving more than 1.000 unprivileged boys and girls. Through the joy of football and the inherent values of sports, Karanba provides opportunities to disadvantaged children and youth regardless of race, gender, origin, religious believes or sexual orientation.

In areas with very little social mobility, Karanba helps kids to a brighter day and future providing football practice, English education, vocational courses, and family support. Karanba may show long term results, and documented success stories through its hard work since 2006. Follow Karanba on www.karanba.org, Facebook or Instagram.

February 19th, 2014. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Børge Brende came to meet the Karanba team at Copacabana. Photo: Brede Korsmo.

February 19th, 2014. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Børge Brende came to meet the Karanba team at Copacabana. Photo: Brede Korsmo.

How Karanba works

Even if football as such is extremely popular in Brasil, the junior football structure as we know it from Norway does not exist here. Young people living in favelas are left out of organized football because of their social backgrounds. The Karanba Project offers a possibility for these youngsters from poor city areas to play football in an organized way. This is strongly required, and is something Karanba deliberately uses to develop and motivate their players. The real aim for Karanba is not to create footballing superstars, but use football as an important means on the way to a better future, providing these boys and girls with pride and self-confidence, preparing them for a future post Karanba.

The most important thing Karanba does is developing children and adolescents

Lots of children and adolescents from Rio favelas are drop-outs in the poorly supported public school system, creating a lot of problems for them when they want and need to find proper work. The Karanba Project demands that all boys and girls go to school, accompanying all of them through their education, talking with them and evaluating their efforts and development. Having passed primary school is essential in fleeing from poverty, making it possble to get a job later in life.

Because of the frailties of the public education system in Brazil, Karanba offers English courses and vocational courses to supplement education. All in all around 150 adolescents receive English classes through Karanba. Half of them are taught by a group of volunteers at the Karanba training grounds, while the other half attends courses organized in co-operation with the SENAI institution.

The vocational courses are also organized in co-operation with this institution. Today, several Karanba players attend courses, giving them a platform isn order to find various work. As for now, most focus on working inside industry/ naval industry.

The most important thing Karanba does is developing children and adolescents, making the boys and girls believe in themselves, making them believe in creating a better future. Young people from the Rio favelas meet many obstacles in their everyday lives. Hard, sheer will force is required by these youngsters in their fight to flee poverty. Through football, and by illustrating how former Karanba members have succeeded, The Karanba Project tries to say that their dreams may come true one day. Through will-power and hard, hard work.


Contact information:

General Director – Michael Klem

Phone: +55 21 97944 3100

E-mail: michael@karanba.org

Webpage: http://www.karanba.org

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