Inocean can contribute with well qualified naval architects and engineers in all phases of a project cycle, from concept development, basic design and FEED to fabrication, installation and during operation.

In order to support the client in their decision process, for example for the development of a field, Inocean can develop studies evaluating one or several different alternatives. These studies could contribute to increasing confidence in a particular design solution and give cost and execution estimates which are critical in the decision process.

The foundations for a newbuild project are set during the design phase, ensuring that the vessel conforms to all specifications and will perform optimally in planned operations. This is a typical interaction phase where all disciplines are involved with overall compliance, general arrangements, philosofies and functionalities.

Inocean Engineering package

The engineering team can provide all or part of an Engineering package that includes class approved documents, detailed to such an extent that they will allow the client efficiently and optimally to achieve a high quality product. Inocean engineering capabilities cover:

  • Marine Design,
  • Hull Structure,inocean01
  • Topside Integration,
  • Arrangements & Outfitting,
  • Marine Systems and EIT
  • Project Management (PM)

Inocean offers technical project management services to oil companies, shipyards and contractors. The experience with FPSOs/ FSOs has proved to be invaluable to owners during project execution, for example at site. As PM Inocean acts as the owner’s right hand, assisting in keeping the project within budget, on schedule and according to the specifications.

Other services Inocean can provide

Inocean offers compliance services for all relevant continental shelves and in particular the Norwegian and the UK shelves. These services includes rules and regulation matrices, check lists on rules/regulations and standards, verification matrices, GAP analysis etc.

In the past 15 years Inocean has been awarded several engineering contracts for riser and cable projects, as well as for lifting operations. Inocean develops, evaluates and analyzes methods and strategies for this that secure an efficient and safe process.

Inocean offers lifetime support by assisting FSO/FPSO- and rig-owners once the vessel is operating if any needs are operating with any upgrades, modifications or conversions that may be required.

Contact information:

CEO – Jon Erik Borgen

Phone: +47 90 19 00 75



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