Dream Learn Work


Dream Learn Work is a non-profit organization created by Norwegian companies operating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. DLW offers young Brazilians from less developed areas a chance for a better future through education and training, contributing to meeting companies’ recruitment needs for qualified personnel.

In 2006, a group of Norwegian companies in Brazil started the process of developing a joint social project. They wanted to make a difference and engage with Brazils social challenges. The Norwegian minister for aid and development, Erik Solheim, had visited Brazil earlier in the same year and challenged companies operating in Brazil to pull together to take a more active role in a country with many social challenges.


The companies established three different teams, each exploring different approaches. In the end, the idea of creating a modern and business-oriented social project won out. By sponsoring education for young people from poor backgrounds, the companies also help themselves. Brazil is suffering from a huge lack of skilled labor and companies are constantly on the outlook for qualified candidates.

DOF Subsea, Jotun Coatings, Det Norske Veritas and Vard were the founders of Dream Learn Work. Today, a wide range of companies participate in and support the work, helping young people towards a better future.

DLW about us

Contact information:

Admin and Finance, NGO’s and educational institutions – Iris B. Frøybu

Phone: + 55 21 3544 0027

E-mail address: dagny@dreamlearnwork.com

Webpage: http://www.dreamlearnwork.com

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