BN21 Workshop prepares companies for R&D joint call


IN Rio director Helle Moen spoke about the role of Innovation Norway promoting Norwegian businesses abroad.

This Tuesday, the BN21 Workshop was opened by Rodrigo Bacellar, BNDES, and Consul General Sissel Hodne Steen.

The two-day workshop is divided into four sessions. The first session was composed by institutional presentations by BNDES, Finep, INTSOK, APEX Brasil, The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway.

Brazilian and Norwegian public institutions have developed a cooperation framework aiming to strengthen the commercial ties between the two countries. The BN21 agreement was signed in the first November Conference, in 2013, and the responsible organizations have continued the framework in the following years.

First public joint call by Norway and Brazil

In 2015, during the third November Conference, Finep and The Research Council of Norway published the first public joint call for R&D projects. Maurício Syrio, Finep, presented the framework of the joint call, which gives companies from Brazil and Norway the possibility to partner up and apply together for economic subvention. Information about the joint call is available on


Time schedule for the different phases of the joint public call application process

The second session was composed by companies presentations. During the panel discussion, the industry and the institutions engaged in a debate on innovation and funding opportunities, as well as the challenges that the oil and gas sector is going through amid the steadily falling oil price.


Panel discussion that included TMSA, WiSub, Radix and MFX. Adhemar Freire, INTSOK Advisor in Brazil, was the panel moderator.


The companies that participated in the second session were Subsin, Easy Subsea, DELP, TMSA, WiSub, Radix and MFX.

Need for technology and solutions

On the second workshop day, E&P companies Petrobras and Statoil, followed by EMBRAER Systems, Aker Solutions, WEG and FMC Technologies, presented their technology needs and solutions.

Eduardo Santos presented Petrobras’ focus areas, which range from energy generation to bioproducts and fertilizers. Numbers shown by company highlighted the importance of the pre-salt for the company’s production goals. Today, the pre-salt accounts for 1/3 of the national oil production, and it is expected to represent more than half of Brazil’s output by 2020.

EMBRAER Systems mentioned technology solutions created for the aeronautic industry that were adapted and redesigned for the oil and gas sector.

The final session of the workshop included presentations by research institutes and universities. The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) was among the institutions invited to speak.

Innovation Norway is responsible for promoting the Norwegian industry abroad. Our office in Rio de Janeiro manages Innovation House Rio, our business incubator office, and helps Norwegian companies in their efforts towards the Brazilian market.

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