Brazil’s Geostationary Satellite follows project timeframe

Brazil’s Ministry of Communications, André Figueiredo, confirmed that the timeframe for the launching of the Geostationary Satellite of Defense and Strategic Communications is going to be followed, and the equipment is to be launched in the space within February 2017.

The BRL 1.7 billion satellite is being constructed by the French-Italian company Thales Alenia Space (TAS) under the supervision of Visiona, a joint venture by Embraer (51%) and Telebras (49%). The project will meet the demands by the National Broadband Plan and the Ministry of Defense’s communications plan.

With the SGDC system, Brazil aims to achieve sovereignty in civilian and military strategic communications as well as expanding access to broadband Internet for the entire nation’s territory.

The equipment will have a 54Gbps transmission capacity. Besides being used for classified government communication, 75% of its capacity will also be used to boost broadband internet offer to remote areas in the country, including the Amazonian region, in addition to cities where the installed infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the total internet demand of the population.

The remaining 25% capacity will be allocated for military use. The satellite will have full coverage over the Brazilian territory, in addition to a large regional reach, which will include South and Central America, South and North Atlantic and Western African coast.

“The program continues to advance as planned and in line for launching the satellite in 2016. In the coming months, the satellite will undergo through a campaign of tests simulating the launch and space environments, as well as functional testing,” said Eduardo Bonini, president of Visiona.

The 5.6-ton satellite will be positioned 35,786 km away from the Earth’s surface after its launching, which will take place from French Guyenne.

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