Outlook of the growing wind energy sector in Brazil

Wind has turned into a strategic energy source for Brazil. The 2014 wind energy global ranking showed Brazil in the fourth position.

The Brazilian Energy Balance, published by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in September 2015, says the production of electricity from wind power reached 12,210 GWh in 2014. This represents a 85.6% increase over the previous year, when it reached 6,578 GWh.

Furthermore, Brazil climbed from 15th in 2013 to 10th in 2014 in the global ranking of installed capacity for wind generation. The installed capacity in the country increased by 122.0% in 2014.

Growth in the sector is boosted by efficiency

According to the Power Generation Database (BIG), from National Agency of Electric Energy (ANEEL), the national wind farm grew 2,686 MW, reaching 4,888 MW by the end of 2014.

​In terms of efficiency, Brazil leads the global race with a capacity factor of 37.0%, which is 50.0% more than the global average. ​The report says the results are likely to improve in the next few years thanks to initiatives that were launched in 2015 to boost efficiency. These are related to material technological advances and the size of wind farms.

Brazil has auctioned off 1​6​.6GW. Of this total, 6.9GW were already in operation in November 2015 while 3.6GW are under construction and another 6.2GW in preparation.​

Parque eólico de Mucuripe, no Ceará

Mucuripe wind energy park, in Ceará, the state that concentrates 30.9% of wind energy generation in Brazil. Photo: Gentil Barreira/Exame.com

​The northeastern state of Ceará is where wind power concentrates in Brazil, with 30.9% of the total. It is followed by the states of Rio Grande Norte (30.8%) and Bahia (15.4%). In Ceará alone the installed generation capacity in 2014 was 43.5%.​


​The Brazilian governments estimates its wind capacity will reach 24 GW by 2024, according to an expansion plan it has implemented (PDE 2024). ​Wind power will account for 45% of the energy generated for the northeastern region (21GW).

It is estimated that the region, blessed with abundant sunlight and wind, will become an exporter of wind energy in the next 10 years.


Ministério de Minas e Energia – Balanço Energético Nacional 2015

Just Means – Brazil Goes Up Wind Energy Rankings

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