Profilgruppa comes to Brazil for a market visit


This week, 45 members of Profilgruppa are in Brazil for a market visit. The group consists in cluster of companies and enterprises within business and society in the region of Midt-Troms, in the northern part of Norway.

The cluster was established in 1992, and is currently composed of 54 companies within the industrial and primary industry, including seafood, construction, energy and technology, as well as trade, banking and insurance, transport, tourism and expertise and development actors such as universities and study centers. On the public side, there are members from municipalities, military and the regional council, amongst others.

The aim for the cooperation in Profilgruppa is to contribute to the development and growth of each of the member companies, and establish networks that can benefit the whole region of Midt-Troms. This region of Norway consists of eight municipalities – Dyrøy, Bardu, Målselv, Lenvik, Berg, Torsken, Tranøy and Sørreisa -, with the total of 30,000 inhabitants. The regional center is known as the “Barnebyen” Finnsnes, which means “Children’s Village” Finnsnes. Midt-Troms is the industrial center in Troms County.

Week of activities in Rio de Janeiro

On Tuesday, 03 November, the group had its first gathering at the Seamen’s Church in order to get in introduction to Brazil held by Consul General Sissel Hodne Steen and Innovation Norway’s director in Brazil Helle Moen. In addition, Vasco Tørrissen Duarte, marketing advisor at the Norwegian Seafood Council, spoke to the group about seafood and aquaculture in the Brazilian market.

profilgruppa03 profilgruppa01 profilgruppa02
The next day, members of Team Norway held presentations for the group on a wide range of topics. The agenda included visits to the CSR projects Dream, Learn, Work and Karanba, and they had a football match against Karanba. The group also visited the local fish market São Pedro, located in the city of Niterói. 

Additionally, the group has planned a visit to a supermarket to see how Norwegian seafood exporter Brødrene Sperre presents their products in the local shops. Brødrene Sperre is currently the single Norwegian seafood exporter that has hired a representative to work in the Brazilian market.


Norwegian bacalao displayed in a shop in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Innovation Norway


Norwegian bacalao displayed in a shop in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is responsible for promoting the Norwegian industry abroad. Our office in Rio de Janeiro manages Innovation House Rio, our business incubator office, and helps Norwegian companies in their efforts towards the Brazilian market.

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