Integrating with Brazilian mobile carriers

language_latin_americaAs sales of mobile devices in Brazil continue to grow year on year, these platforms present an increasing potential for service providers who intend to reach the country’s population effectively. Over the last few years, several Brazilian companies have developed solutions to integrate the structure provided by carriers with third-party service offerings, and displayed noteworthy success in this sector.

To put the opportunities of this market in numbers, Brazil currently holds over 280 million mobile phone subscriptions, a number that represents close to 1.4 times the total population in the country. Not only that, Brazilians have been found to be more receptive towards the reception of content through mobile devices.

A survey from 2014 by market researcher Quanti found that 70% of cell phone users in Brazil received SMS marketing content, of which 52% displayed a positive reaction to this practice. It is also worth mentioning that, although the sale of smartphones have skyrocketed in the country, feature phones remain relevant to certain segments of the Brazilian population, which makes universal formats such as SMS a necessity to reach the entirety of this public.

Mobile integrators, the companies responsible for enabling multiple types of services to take part in the infrastructure of Brazilian carriers, have embraced the opportunities of the Brazilian market and expanded substantially in recent years. This segment has been subject to a great number of acquisitions, which have resulted in a market dominated by a select few players who offer a vast array of services through mobile devices.

Content Distribution

In terms of content distribution, Movile has a key role in the segment of mobile integrators. The 15 year-old company, which is headquartered in the city of Campinas, has expanded aggressively to major markets in Latin America and acquired a wide array of mobile technology enterprises in Brazil.

As of today, Movile, which operates some of the most popular mobile applications in Brazil, including food delivery aggregator iFood and children’s entertainment app PlayKids, continues to drive a significant share of its business from the established market of mobile services integration.

Some of their most notable success cases for this segment include a comprehensive SMS platform integrated with the infrastructure of Vivo, the Brazilian carrier with the largest user base, adapting content from some of the largest media outlets in the country to be served to mobile phones. More recent cases include the launch of white-label service for major Brazilian brands, like health and cooking tips sent on a weekly basis which are adapted to both app and SMS formats, also integrated with the infrastructure of Vivo.

OneBrasil, a Brazilian mobile integrator owned by media giant Grupo Bandeirantes, also offers various solutions for content distribution through formats such as SMS. The company is also integrated with all major Brazilian carriers and homologated to provide distribution platforms and mobile payment.

Mobile Marketing and Corporate SMS

Zenvia, a company headquartered in the city of Porto Alegre, has focused on the segment of SMS marketing. In recent years, the company has distanced itself from competitors by developing expertise on highly effective methods of reaching mobile device users, and subsequently handling the launch of many successful publicity campaigns through SMS.

The company also operates services such as corporate SMS and carrier billing to all major Brazilian carriers. Following substantial investment and major acquisitions in recent years, Zenvia is expected to remain one of the leading mobile integrators in the near future.

Another notable player in the segment of corporate SMS is Pontomobi, a mobile integrator owned by media corporation Grupo RBS. Their Lembreto platform provides solutions that include corporate messaging, management of SMS and voice content marketing campaigns and promotional SMS messaging.

Mobile Payment

Brazilian mobile integrator Take.Net, headquartered in the city of Belo Horizonte, has developed solutions designed to enable accessible payment options from mobile devices. Some of their featured services include collect SMS messaging, corporate SMS platforms and SMS content distribution platforms.

With more Brazilians actively connecting with businesses through mobile platforms, the service provided by mobile integrators is still relevant in the Brazilian market, even though the future of these companies might seem uncertain as more services are being provided as carrier independent.

Innovation Norway is responsible for promoting the Norwegian industry abroad. Our office in Rio de Janeiro manages Innovation House Rio, our business incubator office, and helps Norwegian companies in their efforts towards the Brazilian market.

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