Rio de Janeiro structures subsea cluster

The structuring phase of the subsea cluster was launched on October 07th in a ceremony hosted by FIRJAN.

The structuring phase of the subsea cluster was launched on October 07th in a ceremony hosted by FIRJAN.

The structuring project for the Subsea Cluster of the State of Rio de Janeiro was launched yesterday in a ceremony followed by a cocktail hosted by FIRJAN.

The Brazilian subsea market will have a 45-percent share of the world subsea market. The large majority of the investments on subsea are being made in the State of Rio de Janeiro, where the technology park was built and Petrobras has its headquarters.

The new subsea cluster will enable Rio de Janeiro to supply the demands from Campos and Santos basins in addition to prepare the state to be an export hub. The structuring phase will be started, and the ways of access for new companies are still going to be discussed.

Focus on international competitiveness

The subsea cluster is focused on increasing international competitiveness. Companies that are already installed in the global scenario contribute bringing experience from other clusters. Furthermore, memorandums of understanding have been signed with Norway, France, USA and UK. The main objectives of the cluster are:

  • International competitiveness
  • Research, development & innovation
  • Contributing to generating local content
  • Foster partnerships
  • Quality and productivity
  • Atraction of investments
  • Capacitation of human resources

Numbers from World Energy Outlook show that 90 billion USD will be invested in the oil, gas and energy supply in Brazil annually from 2013-2035. Half of all the future deepwater activities in the world will be developed in Brazil, and by 2020, Brazil will have 44 percent of the subsea christmas greens and 26 percent of the FPSOs in the world. A majority of the pre-salt blocks are located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Some of the main challenges the subsea cluster has identified are: standardization and normatization, cost reduction, cooperation and collaboration, and human resource capacitation. These challenges are common among the other international subsea clusters too.

Innovation Norway is responsible for promoting the Norwegian industry abroad. Our office in Rio de Janeiro manages Innovation House Rio, our business incubator office, and helps Norwegian companies in their efforts towards the Brazilian market.

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