25 new bids for AHTS 18000 chartering

Normand Borg

Solstad Offshore bid its Normand Borg

Petrobras received new bids for its Fleet Renewal Program, Prorefam. It is likely that the company will contract a significant amount of AHTSs this time, since only 6 vessels of that type have been contracted so far under the program. The initial aim was to contract 46 AHTSs 18000 until the end of the program.

Seabrokers informed that Petrobras received 25 proposals from 8 different brokers for the chatering of foreign flagged AHTSs 18000 for four-year-term contracts. The contracts may be renewed for the same period.

Solstad Offshore presented the best offer among its competitors. The daily rate for the vessel Normand Borg is USD 55,000.00. Next, Finarge offered a daily rate of USD 54,900.00 and USD 58,500.00 for two vessels. Swire offered three ships on a daily rate of USD 55,000.00 each.

Siem Offshore, Sealion, Farstad and Olympic have also submitted their price offers.

Despite the expectations that Petrobras will contract more AHTSs at this phase of the program, the company may have to evaluate its next decision due to the fact that the prices are higher than they were in the previous bidding round of the program.

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