Visit the Innovation Park at ONS 2014

The most innovative companies in the wider energy sector have been invited to present their groundbreaking products in the Innovation Park, organized by Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway at ONS in Stavanger.




If you are at the exhibition, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Innovation Park. The companies are listed below:

  • 2TD Drilling – The next generation rotary steerable drilling tools.
  • Akvaplan-niva – Creating value and awareness through science.
  • Capwell – Compact and enclosed Wireline System.
  • Control Cutter – Subsea cutting tool designed to cut anchor chains and flexible risers in less than 3 seconds.
  • CoreAll – Intelligent Coring System: Improved core quality, reduced risk, faster exploration.
  • E Plug – Developing innovative well technology.
  • Hammertech – Multiphase water fraction and conductivity monitoring – downhole, subsea & topside
  • InflowControl – Increased Oil Recovery and Production
  • Kongsberg Esco mpv – Delivers new patented valve technology
  • MagSeis – Industrial-scale ocean bottom seismic acquisition.
  • NOFI Tromsø – World leading oil spill control technology. Develops solutions and products for the oil and gas industry.
  • Norner – Independent Industrial Polymer Institute.
  • OCTIO – Reservoir Monitoring Solutions.
  • Scale Protection – Provides novel scale technology and services.
  • Seabox – SWIT, Subsea Water Intake and Treatment, reducing cost and maximizing oil recovery.
  • Stormfjord – bringing valuable, interactive solutions to industrial visualization.
  • Vision iO – innovative camera technology for the oil and gas industry.
  • West Production Technology – improving drilling performance, P&A operations and well production.

Photos: Guilherme Mendes / Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is responsible for promoting the Norwegian industry abroad. Our office in Rio de Janeiro manages Innovation House Rio, our business incubator office, and helps Norwegian companies in their efforts towards the Brazilian market.

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