New seismic technology will find oil where no one else finds

Today’s Teknisk Ukeblad shared the story of a new seismic technology that has been tested by Shell in the Gulf of Mexico since 2007.

This fresh technology consists in nodes that are placed on the seabed and send back 3D images of what happens down there. These nodes are placed in periods from six months to one year, which means the monitoring of the area is continuous. The new technology called i4D by Shell allows special areas of interest to be surveilled continuously.

As the images sent up by the nodes are in high resolution, they give more detailed descriptions of the reservoirs, making it easier to interpret if there can be any more oil & gas left.


Photo: Shell

Shell is interested that others use the i4D technology too, as it can help reducing its high costs. Shell’s Technology Director Gerald Schotman said he thinks this will be the next big news in the oil & gas industry.

The results helped Shell to decide shutting an injection well after running 54-day-cycle monitoring and observing the area around that well had changed so much. Water injection can in fact produce pressure changes and allow other geomechanical effects if water is pumped into the non-producing areas.

Shell team sees challenges for this technology to develop, nevertheless it is still seen as worth to pursue. We will wait for updates on this topic.

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One comment on “New seismic technology will find oil where no one else finds
  1. Jn. May says:

    Here is another example of interrupting innovation, introduced by G. Moore in his “Crossing the Chasm”. Let’s see how Shell would manage it. By the way, there is a misprint in the last paragraph – “persue”.

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