Energy Auction to take place this Friday

Aiming to contract the energy that will be supplied in 2018, the 2nd Energy Auction A-5/2013 is taking place this Friday, December 13th. Reaching a production capacity of 21,130 MW, a total of 687 energy generation projects have been certified by the Brazilian Energy Research Company (EPE).

The great majority of those projects correspond to wind power projects, which accounts for 539 parks, or 13,287 MW. Solar energy represents 95 projects (photovoltaic and helium thermic), or 2,234 MW. Two hydropower plants are also going to participate in the auction.

President of EPE, Mauricio Tolmasquim highlighted how important it is to diversify the energy sources able to participate, since it guarantees the fulfilling of the demand in 2018, in addition to the higher competitiveness by the entrepreneurs.

Further information regarding this auction is available in Portuguese on EPE webpage.

Innovation Norway is responsible for promoting the Norwegian industry abroad. Our office in Rio de Janeiro manages Innovation House Rio, our business incubator office, and helps Norwegian companies in their efforts towards the Brazilian market.

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