Workshop promoting Norwegian suppliers to Sete Brasil

In connection with all the investments made in the Brazilian Oil & Gas and Maritime industries, the largest South American country is now home to the Sete Brasil Drillship Program.

Early in 2012, Sete Brasil won the contract with Petrobras for the world’s biggest drilling rig order, first meant to be for the construction of 21 rigs. The present scope of the project counts 29 rigs, which are going to be built in Brazilian shipyards according to Petrobras’ needs to develop its Pre-Salt Program, therefore increasing significantly the local content. These shipyards, from North to South, are: Atlântico Sul (PE), Enseada do Paraguaçu (BA), Jurong Aracruz (ES), Brasfels (RJ) and Ecovix (RS).

Sete Brasil and shipyards


This project represents a huge opportunity for Norwegian suppliers, as GIEK offers access to export credit guarantees for projects with minimum 30% of Norwegian content. Yet, there are local content requirements that the Norwegians shall be aware of too, as well as project specifications and each shipyard’s individual needs. The companies should meet the requirements set by GIEK and/or Brazilian parties, which don’t exclude each other. While GIEK demands 30% of Norwegian content, the Brazilian content requirements for the project increase progressively from 55 to 65%.

Hence, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Innovation Norway and INTSOK organized a workshop from March 18th to 20th, 2013. The three-day event “Promoting Norwegian supplier capabilities to Sete Brasil and its contractors” took place in the Hotel JW Marriott, Rio de Janeiro, with daily attendance of approximately 40 people. Each day a different yard presented their needs to the thirteen selected companies. The three yards participating were Atlântico Sul (EAS), Enseada do Paraguaçu (EEP) and Ecovix (ERG2). The companies could then have a clearer picture of the project, present their solutions, and some have arranged B2B meetings too.

Other institutions that assisted in selecting the potential suppliers were NME (Norwegian Maritime Exporters), NCE NODE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise – Norwegian Offshore & Drilling Engineering) and NCE Maritime (Norwegian Centre of Expertise – Maritime).

Among the suppliers, names like Palfinger Dreggen, Kongsberg, Noreq and Jotun are found. The list includes IKM Testing, Hernis, Acel Forus, TTS, Marine Cybernetics, Axess, Scana and Marine Aluminium as well. The complete catalogue, with competitive technology that each company aims to export, can be obtained here.

INTSOK Regional Director for Brazil, Mr. Gulbrand Wangen points out the importance for Norwegian suppliers to be seen as a team, as a cluster experienced in supplying and building rigs.

The sessions not only gave understanding of the perspectives throughout the project, but also prompted business meetings between the shipyards and suppliers. Mr. Robert Japp (Sete Brasil) considered the event very important to demonstrate to the Brazilian shipyards, Petrobras and Sete Brasil itself the competence and capacity of the Norwegian offshore equipment industry, as well as its readiness to establishing partnerships in Brazil.

On March 19th, the Consul General Ms. Helle Klem opened the workshop, and later the same day she hosted a reception at her residence to mark the event.

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